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February 19, 2018 Fish Report: Took out a group from Georgia, on the way out one I saw great conditions, bird, bait, fish on the meter, the water was pretty blue and lots of life!. We were only 9 miles from the bay but I’m not the type to drive over fish to find fish so I told the boys to drop the riggers and we would troll the inside edge. There is a stigma here that you have to run 30 or 50 miles to look for the bite. In Costa Rica, the fish are everywhere. The client had been coming to Costa Rica for the last 5 years to fish and came up on the flybridge and told me they never fished where he could see land. about 15 minutes later the right long goes off, with a nice strip marlin!! We end up with second marlin bite that we missed. We landed two sailfish and lost a 150 plus class yellowfin tuna. Ended the day Raised 7 with 6 bites and released a marlin and 2 sails. Not a bad day within 16nm from the bay.

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